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Donor Won’t Believe This

Joe heard our presentation on the power of planned giving. At first, he couldn’t believe it. Is it really possible? How long have I been able to do this? How come I haven’t heard about this before? all flashed through his mind. He took action and added three planned giving techniques: a charitable income trust,…

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Just a Little Can Mean This Much

When Scott Keffer, the Creator and CEO of The Donor Motivation Program™, and his son, Josh, made their very first trip to Mexico to build a housing structure for a family in need, Josh was only 10 years old. The structure was for George and his wife, hard-working parents, who wanted the best for their…

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Give This Blessing To Your Donors

Giving returns a bigger benefit to the giver than the receiver. It expands our hearts… our capacity to love and be loved. Givers always receive the greater blessing. Think about that. From the physical to the spiritual, the benefits are amazing. It transforms the giver… their family, their business and their community. The receiver is…

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