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“Greedy Geezers” is a myth

A recent CNN article confirms what I’ve know all along: the idea of “greedy geezers,” those older Americans that consume so much of the pie that they leave just a few crumbs for everyone else, is a myth. With Social Security and Medicare subject to debate and potentially on the chopping block, the “greedy geezers”…

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Talk about late-in-life planning, before it’s too late

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal offers great advice for those approaching the golden years and thinking about estate planning. As we age, it becomes more and more important to think about late-in-life planning, including how your wealth and possessions will be divided among your heirs, who will become the guardians of young…

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Historic Downtown Alpharetta Arts and Music Fall Festival

Like many Alpharetta residents, I’m getting excited for the Arts and Music Fall Festival—coming up this October! I always look forward to the opportunity to see the amazing things that Alpharetta has to offer—in this case, local art and great musical performances. Come to the festival to enjoy the combination of music and art—musicians will…

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