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Grand Opening

Grand Opening There is a unique role nonprofits play in our economy, and that is to provide hope when it can seem that hope is fading. Now that the first people are getting the vaccine, it feels like we are on the verge of a Grand Opening of our economy. It is especially exciting to…

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Deal Season

Deal Season I love getting a deal at this time of the year, don’t you? You’re shopping for gifts anyway, so being able to get the thing you want at a discount is a real win! Your donors are shopping right now, too. Not for gifts, but where to give gifts. The market has been…

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Tis the Season

Give Your Donors Something Else to Talk About The recurring stories in the media are mostly negative about the economy, virus, election, politics, north vs. south, republican vs. democrat, and everything in between. Where the truth lies on each of these issues will be worked out in real everyday life over time. You don’t get…

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