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Families that Last

Families that Last This is a “statistic” you don’t want to be. Unfortunately, for too many, they are included in this statistic – even my own family. The statistics overwhelmingly show that families of means lose their wealth by the third generation. Only 3 out of 100 family-owned businesses survive three generations. American businessman and…

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A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out Many kids today can’t see the true needs of others. For those who have grown up in a middle-class home and country, it’s hard to imagine what it would be like to be neglected, forgotten, and gone without. A trip to some parts of the world, or simply…

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The Darnedest Thing… Families

The Darnedest Thing… Families Here’s an idea to bring just about any family together. Because, how the family system works is interesting, isn’t it? They have the potential to be a huge blessing when they work as they are designed. Truth is, they rarely do. I love when I hear people talk about their dysfunctional…

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