The Darnedest Thing… Families

The Darnedest Thing… Families

Here’s an idea to bring just about any family together.

Because, how the family system works is interesting, isn’t it?

They have the potential to be a huge blessing when they work as they are designed.

Truth is, they rarely do.

I love when I hear people talk about their dysfunctional family.

What? Who knows a functional one?

Then, add in in-laws and extended family members into the mix and it can get really interesting, really fast.

Yet there is so much good even our dysfunctional families can do for others that can also bring us closer together.

Giving back! Giving as a family takes our focus off ourselves and puts it on those in need. It creates purpose and, through purpose, unity.

Giving can bring healing as it unifies.

Creating a family philosophy about wealth and giving is so critical. It acts like a family constitution – the glue that can hold a family together through multiple generations.

Start writing yours today… and encourage your donors to do the same.



“It is prodigious the quantity of good that may be done by one man if he will make a business of it.”

– Ben Franklin

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