Deal Season

Deal Season

I love getting a deal at this time of the year, don’t you?

You’re shopping for gifts anyway, so being able to get the thing you want at a discount is a real win!

Your donors are shopping right now, too.

Not for gifts, but where to give gifts.

The market has been good to many of them despite the 34% pullback early in the year, and many of your best donors kept some level of income throughout the year.

And givers love to give!

One deal you can give them is an opportunity to give. One more letter. One more email. One more call.

Another deal you can give them is a reminder about how to give their long-term gain stocks instead of cash. When they do, it is like the IRS is contributing a portion to their favorite cause.

One last deal you can give them is have a donor reach out to a friend to invite them to give by attending a gathering or hearing a story of the difference your cause makes.

I was at a gathering this morning of a charity I’m involved with where a guest was invited. The guest enjoyed the time so much that as the gathering ended, he asked how he could support the cause.

You are making a difference!

And donors want to partner with you!

Give them one more opportunity to do it!



“It is more blessed to give than receive.”
– Jesus

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