The Antidote for Materialism

By Barry Spencer | June 27, 2023 |

Kids are notorious for saying to their parents, “I need…”. However, rarely is it a true “need.” For the most part we have everything we need and almost everything we…

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A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

By Barry Spencer | June 20, 2023 |

A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out Many kids today can’t see the true needs of others. For those who have grown up in a middle-class home and country, it’s…

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Save Your Community

By Barry Spencer | June 13, 2023 |

Save Your Community Jobs are always a popular subject… not just for the employed. Successful local businesses drive a vibrant local economy… which is essential for every community. People and…

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Families that Last

By Barry Spencer | June 6, 2023 |

Families that Last This is a “statistic” you don’t want to be. Unfortunately, for too many, they are included in this statistic – even my own family. The statistics overwhelmingly…

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Compassion… Pass It On

By Barry Spencer | May 30, 2023 |

Compassion… Pass It On Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend with friends and family, and took a moment to reflect on and be grateful for those who served…

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“Useless” Stuff…

By Barry Spencer | May 22, 2023 |

“Useless” Stuff… “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Whoever said that is someone who received someone else’s stuff and it was “just what he needed.” Is there stuff you…

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How to Strengthen Our Nation

By Barry Spencer | May 16, 2023 |

How to Strengthen Our Nation The heroes in the midst of economic upheaval, a market downturn, or potential recession are the charities. Nonprofits serve when communities need to be served…

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Just a Little More

By Barry Spencer | May 1, 2023 |

Just a Little More Many don’t give the question enough thought and credit… How valuable is generosity? Without it, greed and selfishness will reign in our heart. Generosity… also known…

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Write A Tribute Letter

By Barry Spencer | April 25, 2023 |

Write a Tribute Letter Have you lost someone you love before you had the chance to tell them something you always wanted to say to them? A chance to honor…

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Just Open A Door

By Barry Spencer | April 18, 2023 |

The Founder and CEO of The Donor Motivation Program, Scott Keffer, and his daughter, Anni, spent ten days in northern Africa with a team of 50 plastic surgeons, dentists, optometrists,…

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