Write A Tribute Letter

Write a Tribute Letter

Have you lost someone you love before you had the chance to tell them something you always wanted to say to them? A chance to honor them with your words. Of course you have… we all have.

Here’s a thought… write a letter to that someone you missed the chance with – a Tribute Letter. Share it with others who knew them as a way to honor the person.

Take a moment right now and write a Tribute Letter to someone you can still honor with your words – a family member, friend, or colleague. Is there a donor you can honor with a Tribute Letter for their dedication to you and your organization?

As you know, creating a memorial fund is a wonderful way to honor others, as well. Not just for your lifetime, but for many generations. A memorial fund also keeps the work or cause that they cared about deeply going long after you’re gone.

Why not go back to everyone with a memorial fund and have them write a Tribute Letter. Offer to send it out to family members and friends. Share with your donors the value of a Tribute Letter.



“A man’s true wealth is the good that he does in this world to his fellows.”

– Moliere

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