Is This Really Giving?


There is a gift that is free and available to all people at all times and can be delivered anywhere in all circumstances…

Sounds too good to be true.

Well, it’s not, and it’s one thing needed right now more than ever!

Forgiveness… it is one HUGE way to give back that seems small and insignificant.

How many people have gone to their graves holding on to an offense?

How many walk around angry because they simple need to forgive?

Do you know of relationships that have been destroyed due to lack of forgiveness?

You’ve known people who have shipwrecked their entire lives by holding on to bitterness!

Grab a pen and paper and write down who you need to forgive.

Pray for the strength to forgive them.

If you can, write them a letter or call them and extend your forgiveness. If that person has already passed, write them a letter.

If you need to ask for forgiveness, pray and call. If you can’t call them, write them a letter.

You will be the biggest beneficiary of this gift.



“Difficult things we do quickly. The impossible takes a little longer.”

– David Ben-Gurion

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