Break Them If You Can

Break Them If You Can

The story goes that the elder Rothschild called his family together and handed each of them a bundle of arrows. Their task: break the bundle if they could.

They could not.

Next, he instructed them to break the arrows one by one. No problem.

The lesson was clear: stick together as a family, and we will survive for generations. Pull apart, and we will perish as a family unit.

He used this vivid visual lesson to pass on to them the value of unity in their family. He would later emblazon the symbol of the arrows onto an old-style mission statement: a coats of arms.

How about you? Have you sat down and written out your values as a family and thought about how to perpetuate them?

Giving back is one the best values to create and maintain family harmony and unity.

Remind your donors of that fact, and share creative, and tax-efficient, ways to give back as a family.

Giving is also an excellent way to perpetuate your values.



“Giving is true having.”

– Charles Spurgeon

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