Address the Unaddressed

Serving the Pioneers…

The donors that excite and freak us out.

They are the pioneers.

They are the ones that like to go where no one else has gone. Solve a problem no one else has figured out. Fix an issue no one else has tackled.

For them, whether they realize it or not, giving back is their answer.

Help your pioneering donors with making a list of the unaddressed, unconquerable issues that they care deeply about.

Then help them connect with others with a similar passion. AND, show them how they can work on solving those challenges in your organization and other non-profit organizations.

Finally, serve these kind of donors by helping them continue with their passion and persevere.

Okay. Now go for it.

Right now, make a list of five pioneering donors. Then call them saying, “I’m reaching out to see how I might be able to serve you in fulfilling your philanthropic passions…”

Go forth… git-r-done.



“I have a very strong feeling that the opposite of love is not hate – it’s apathy.”’

– Leo Buscaglia

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