Who You’ll Meet in the World of Giving

It’s amazing who you’ll meet in the world of giving.

Great, great people. People who live for more than just themselves. People who give back. People with a higher purpose. People who care.

Successful people who want to give back.

The boards for nonprofits contain these kinds of people. What better way to meet more “givers” than to serve on a board?

Not for the express reason of meeting people – your prime reason should be to serve the nonprofit. However, your secondary reason should be to meet new “givers.” Working together on a common purpose other than our own needs puts those relationships on a totally different and exhilarating level.

You will create new, rewarding, and lasting relationships… and have a tremendous impact on the mission of your favorite nonprofit.

Use your experience today… and in the process of giving back, you will meet some of the greatest people around – those who are transformed by giving back.



“The degree of loving is measured by the degree of giving.”

– Ed Cole

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