What Shapes Us

The unique attributes of each generation are undeniable.

Often times it is a world event that becomes a defining moment at a pivotal time.

The Greatest Generation had WWII.

The Boomer Generation had Vietnam.

The Gen X and even Millenials had 9/11.

Gen Z has had COVID-19.

Moments like these can define and even contribute to shaping a generation.

Jason Dorsey, the president of the Center for Generational Kinetics and author of Zconomy, points out two more significant trends that shape a generation.

Shaping Trend #1 is parenting.

Shaping Trend #2 is technology.

There are many charities that educate parents and encourage parents in their parenting.

Other charities fill the parenting void whether the parent is no long around or that time during and after school.

There are also healthcare and education organizations that speak to and connect with multiple generations.

Wherever your works connects with these two trends you should be encouraged to know that you are making a difference!

There is no time to waste.

This generation and the next is longing for and seeking direction about making this time and the ones to come better for all people.

Never give up or give in on the great work you’re doing!



“Technology is only new, if you remember it the way it was before.”

– Jason Dorsey, author Zconomy

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