A Word on Commitment…

This Is Good for Your Soul

If I could get a dollar for every New Year’s resolution that I didn’t follow through on, I’d be…

Have you said that before? Making the resolution is not the problem…

As we approach the end of January, how are you doing on yours?

Giving is often the same.

We are moved to make a “resolution” to give.

To give more. To give to a particular cause. To give to a campaign. Then, life, work, other things, get in the way.

External resistance… and internal as well.

Not only is giving good for your soul, following through is as well.

Maybe there is something you have made a commitment to already… and you’ve gotten behind… and lost your passion.

Follow through.

If not, make a giving commitment and follow through, and help your donors do the same.

The charity will thank you… and so will your soul!



“Don’t just think. Do.”

– Horace

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