Wait for It

Wait For It

The Christmas lights at the entrance of my neighborhood ushered in the Christmas season the day after Halloween.

This also means the season of delayed gratification for my kids has officially begun.

Normally, when my kids ask for an essential clothing item such as new shoes we jump on Amazon and they have shoes the next day.

During this season, just about every request, including shoes that are too small with their toes sticking out the end, must be waited on and wrapped under the Christmas tree.

While it helps mom and dad fill the space under the tree with practical, necessary gifts, it also provides the opportunity for the kids to learn some delayed gratification.

Delayed gratification can be a tough lesson in life for kids and adults, and also for charities with planned giving.

The dollar that comes in today is desired most by most charities and is often most needed because today’s budget needs must be met.

However, a planned gift can be so much larger than a donor’s annually gift that waiting on it can be very worth it.

The challenge is to balance energy, efforts, and current budget dollars to attract planned gifts along with annual gifts.

Most charities can think of that “surprise” estate gift that arrived at an opportune time of great need. Use this experience to prioritize planned giving.

The planned gift is worth working on, nurturing, and waiting for because is is often time 10 times (and even 100 times!) greater than the donor’s annual gift.

Keep a long-term view while you work on meeting short-term needs. The mission of your organization will benefit greatly if you do!



“The ability to focus attention on important things is a defining characteristic of intelligence.”

– Robert J. Shiller

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