Give and Get

Give and Get

What you give out is what you receive in return.

It is the parable of the seed and harvest in the bible.

If you plant seeds of wheat, you will get a wheat harvest.

If you play a soybean seed, you will get a soybean harvest.

What works in farming works in human relationships, too.

Plant seeds of anger and you will get hate.

Plant seeds of compassion and love, and you will reap a harvest of love.

What the world and your community and donors need now are the seeds of compassion, understanding, acceptance, compassion, and love.

You will gain a harvest of understanding, genuine relationships, and a community of compassion and love.

This is what you do when interact with donors with planned giving because it is based in listening, compassionate understanding, and hope of a better tomorrow.

So that when you interact with donors with a donor-centric planned giving message, you are making the world a better place whether you are getting a gift commitment or not.

But, fear not, you will get plenty of gift commitments!



“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

– Mother Teresa

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