New or Normal?

New or Normal?

What could be beneficial now more than ever is assurance that the uncertainty of our present time is “normal.”

The uncertainty of war in Israel, high inflation, economic instability, and market volatility are all “normal.”

In other words, there is always uncertainty.

And in the midst of uncertainty, making decisions can actually bring about some normalcy.

The fear-mongering, media, and pontificators spur on uncertainty and encourage indecision.

Finding certainty in the midst of uncertainty, whether real or contrived, is key to emotional health and sound long-term decision-making.

There are two things you DO know:

  1. You know what and who matters to you most
  2. You know what things you CAN control even now.

Make a list of each of these things for you, and you may be surprised about how much certainty there really is in your life right now.

Then, help someone else do the same thing. Help a donor, colleague, or friend.

The surprising thing that may actually surface is the increased levels of generosity you feel which may just result in decided to make those gifts to charity you otherwise would have hesitated to make.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, write down today something you are grateful for and watch how your spirit is lifted up and above the uncertainties of our day.



“Worry does not keep it from raining tomorrow, but it does keep it from being sunny today.”

– Shannon L. Alder

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