This Conversation Matters

This Conversation Matters

The planned giving conversation matters for the donor.

While annual giving meets immediate needs quicker than planned giving, don’t dismiss how planned giving can help.

Too many dismiss planned giving too quickly, concluding that it only meets future needs.

And the future needs are in conflict with short-term needs.

However, most seasoned planned giving professionals will share that many current annual gifts can be realized through the use of a planned giving conversation with a donor.

Additionally, that current gift can be as big or bigger than the usual annual gift because the planned giving conversation is all about the donor – their wants, needs, tax deductions, and bigger purpose.

When you tap into what the donor wants and why the donor wants it – for themselves, their family, and then for the causes they care about – you can unlock a deeper driving emotion behind their giving.

Here’s a great question to start or continue a planned giving conversation with a donor that can even lead to their desire to make a current gift:

“How do you think about your philanthropy?”

In this one simple question you are asking them to tell you what they think.

You are asking them to share about what matters to them and why.

And you are asking them to consider themselves a philanthropist instead of just an annual giver.

This could be the question that unlocks unknown giving potential even before year-end.

Give it a try and let me know what you discover about your donor.



It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.”

– Eugene Jonesco

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