Choose Happy!

It was Monday.

Some dread it. Some love it.

Some wait around to see what the day delivers before they decide what kind of day it will be.

There are others who decide what kind of day it will be from the start.

As I stood in the kitchen on Monday morning grabbing my breakfast, I received the most inspirational perspective for the day from my daughter, Avery Kate.

She said, “Dad, I woke up this morning and just decided that I am going to choose to be happy.”


She decided to choose to be happy!

How great is that.

She was only in 6th grade at the time, with all the new kinds of stress that middle school brings and the drama that surrounds girls in middle school. And her choice is happy.

I reflected on it and asked myself, have I chosen to be happy today? I need to choose happy because the alternative just really isn’t that satisfying or rewarding.

Choose HAPPY today!

But how?

Turn off the news.

Ignore the market pundits.

Turn your eyes and ears away from all the election drama.

Do this for yourself, and help your donors do it too…

Choose to focus on WHO and WHAT matter to you most.

Choose to focus on WHAT you can control, and ignore what you canNOT control.

Go ahead. Give it a try TODAY and this week.



“We complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”

– Abraham Lincoln

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