Serve by Communicating

This is the time of year when it is becoming clear to the donor what their total income will be for the year.

They are also calculating their tax liability.

Unique to this year, they are (or should be) calculating their tax liability this year compared to what it could be next year under proposed tax law changes.

This means they are also considering new and additional charitable giving that can help them offset their tax liability.

It is often assumed that their advisor is helping them think about this and providing solutions.

However, most advisors serve too many clients to be proactive with them.

The development professional can serve a unique role of helping donors by :

  • Encouraging them to think proactively.
  • Having them consider giving more to offset income.
  • Suggesting looking into giving stock gains instead of cash.
  • Sharing charity needs and giving opportunities like campaign goals and matching gift challenges.

When you communicate with your donors by phone, email, newsletter, and mail you are serving your donors.

You are helping them with something they are most likely already thinking about.

Don’t hold back.

Serve. In so doing you will most likely be served as well!



“Purpose in life is not to be served but to serve.”

– Matthew 20:28, 1st century tax collector

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