Donor Thought Patterns

There are patterns to life.

Things that happen on a repeatable basis.

Like the seasons that come in their given time, so do certain motivations as we move toward end of year.

For donors, one of those things is how much and how to give.

The income they will have this year is pretty clear (if not completely clear) at this point.

They are starting to consider their tax liabilities on that income and sale of assets.

This makes it a perfect time to connect with donors about who and what they are looking to support and why.

One thing they may not realize is their ability to give long-term high gain assets instead of cash, thereby avoiding the capital gain tax, and giving more to the cause they care about.

This is one of the simplest ways they can get the IRS to contribute to their causes for them.

Communicate and connect with your donors over the next three months…it is an opportune time for them, and can greatly benefit your cause!

When you give the opportunity to give, you show you care about the donor.



“Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery.”

– Calvin Coolidge

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