Are You Quenched?

Did you know that you could die from drinking too much water? It’s hard to fathom, butunnamed the very liquid of existence—our life-sustaining fluid—can be fatal if ingested in large amounts over a short period of time. It’s a condition, called hyponatremia, in which the level of salt in your blood drops too low, and it can be fatal if left untreated.

And so it seems that too much of something (anything, really) can eventually be a bad thing. In economics, this is known as the Law of Diminishing Returns, which in essence states that too much of something will eventually lead to reduced production.

We all know this, and yet we somehow don’t think it applies to us. Over the years, I’ve seen countless clients reach a point in their businesses where they can say, “I’ve met and exceeded my dreams.” And yet they keep on. Why do they do that?

Because their wealth planning didn’t incorporate their life purpose.

There must be a burning reason to keep going forward and enjoying what you’re doing. If you’re not still enjoying it, your blessing has probably become a burden—and you’ve reached the point of diminishing return.

Maybe it’s time to step away from the water cooler. Talk to a wealth specialist to discover how to bring the passion and purpose back to your business. If you haven’t reached the point of diminishing return yet, find an expert who can guide you in a way that means you will live without purpose and direction—and avoid drinking in too much of a good thing!

Wealth is more than money. Don’t just plan for your future, live it right now. Pass it on and share the insights like this that you find valuable.



“Water is the driving force of all nature.”

-Leonardo da Vinci

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