The New Face of Retirement

There is a trend among executives to find less to do. Take things off the to-do list.  To simplify an activity list that never gets completed.

I’m in favor of living more simple lives but for the purpose of being more productive, not less.  The allure of sun, beach and golf every day in a tropical location is a nice idea in order to re-energize.  But not for enjoying life more fully with no regrets.

Success didn’t happen by doing less, but from doing more…of the right things in the smart way.

Therefore, whether you remain in the corporate job or move into retirement the key to enjoying your wealth and success is not doing less but doing more of the things you enjoy and bring satisfaction and energy in your life.

With 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day the happiest and most rewarded are the couples who make the time to envision their future and retirement years even more fully than they envisioned their careers.

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