Certainty in Uncertain Times

When the fiscal cliff tax law changes were put into law in January, most people fixated on the word “permanent.” Some felt comfort in this and became motivated to do planning they had delayed because of tax law uncertainties.

For others, there are still advisors who are playing on fears of the wealthy that even though the word “permanent” was used, there are many uncertainties that still need to be dealt with. This article in Private Wealth Magazine highlights the dilemma.

The reality is uncertainty is the new reality and its hear to stay.

However, this does not mean there aren’t opportunities to be seized and action that can be taken in the midst of the uncertainty.

The most certainty you have is the goals and desires of your heart for your impact, your family and the causes that matter to you deeply.

When you have greater clarity about your purposes the uncertainties in the world around you fade into the background giving you solid footing to make decisions about your wealth you can be proud of.

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