Fiscal Cliff Facts (& More)

People smarter than me have invested countless hours of time breaking through and breaking down the thousand page legislation Congress recently put into law.

If you’d like the facts on the tax law changes, read here.

Now the bigger more important question is not what are the fiscal cliff tax law facts, but what do they mean to you and your situation.

I know of very few advisors proactively meeting with their clients to help them understand what it means to them. When this conversation happens, if often leads to more confusion about what to do because it is still about the facts but in person.

For a conversation to be effective it should be about the client, their goals, the impact they want to have, and the pressing concerns that keep them up at night.

The advisor should sift through all the facts and discuss only the ones that apply to the client’s situation. And the client should feel more confident about what they are doing, where they are going and how they will get there.

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