Retirement 401k options

The fiscal cliff legislation has presented opportunities for investors that were not available before. One of those options is the ability to convert a 401k to a ROTH.

The conversation results in a tax paid presently instead of later, but allows for future withdraws to be tax free.

As simple as that is, I find even people with “all the facts” struggling to make a decision about what to do. (An article about the facts)

If you’re in that spot to, just know you are not alone.

The missing secret ingredient is to have greater clarity about your purposes for your wealth and what you intend to to with and when. This also means your wealth is positioned to serve you instead of your serving your wealth.

A Wealth Specialist shows you how to make this a reality in your situation which makes conversations about retirement assets and conversion very simple to answer.

Is your advisor a right fit for you and your situation?

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