What is the size of your wealth and…

How do you show people?  I grew up in a sprawling English Tutor estate home on nearly 2 acres, complete with a pool that included a diving board and Jacuzzi.  I’ve known friend with homes much bigger and smaller.

When it comes to demonstrating the size of your wealth for others to see, how big or small doesn’t seem to matter much.  Compare Bill Gates and his mega mansion to Warren Buffett and his common looking homestead.  Both appear to be generous and concerned with making the world a better place. (Of course there are these celebrity rich homes)

The question is really deeper than size and more about “what for?”  Why?  What is the purpose of the home in which you live.  I of course cannot answer this Mr. Gates, or Mr. Buffett.  But I can answer it for my family.

We loved hospitality and entertaining.  And not just a few people even though we had a few close families that came to our home on a regular basis.  We also had mega parties and needed space for everyone with lots to do.  Our home could accommodate and everyone loved coming over for the day to hang out.

It wasn’t about, “hey look at me and how big and nice my home is”.  It was about a place for you and you family to come and experience relationship and love in a hospitable environment.  And for this we had Wealth With No Regrets, as far as the chosen lifestyle as a family.

What is it for you? I employ you to look beyond the money and riches of what you can buy to what you can do with all you have that will make you feel fulfilled in life.

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