You are not the problem (it's the picture)

I’ve always thought my problem is me.  Then in one lesson it all became clear what the real problem is.

Tom Ness, a top-50 teaching golf pro in the country and feature writer for Golf Digest Magazine, made it all clear to me in one of my lessons.

After my usual warm up swings he said, “I have finally figured out your problem!”

I immediately began to think negative thoughts…I’m a terrible golfer.  I can’t play and won’t ever be able to.

But he quickly continued as I waited with panting anticipation, “You don’t have a golf problem.  You have a picture problem.”

You see the picture of the swing I was holding in my mind was inconsistent with the mechanics that make a great swing work.

I got it. Fix the picture then the mechanics become automatic.

So, what is the picture you hold in your mind – about work, family, health, God, life?

If something isn’t working just right just maybe the picture is wrong.  And change it.

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