The Challenges of Wealth

We have just completely an incredible set of interviews for our research on the challenges of wealth.  We interviewed millionaires who are among the mass-affluent or “Millionaire Next Door” as coined by a popular financial book, and the mega-affluent with a net-worth up to a half a billion dollars.

In order to seize these interviews I had to swear by life and limb that their identities be held in a lock-box never to be opened.  Once I agreed they shared.  And I mean they shared the deep dark secrets and fears.

We did not pay them or make any grand promises of an exotic trip.  What was in it for them?  These are isolated people who have a wealth of experience that they are just longing to share for the benefit of others. Ultimately, they hoped others like them would open up to us as well so they could learn about the issues rarely if ever discussed in their circle of influence.

The result has been a groundbreaking Special Report, “The 7 Regrets Wealth Creates and How To Avoid Them.”  One observer commented, “I would have never put together the idea of regrets with wealth.” Then after a short moment of reflection he continued as if he had had an “ah-ha” moment, “That really is true to reality.”

Wealth Without Regrets is tough to find anywhere among the affluent. Yet it is the hope of the affluent at every level of affluence in the United States.

My family personally experienced hardship as a result of wealth when my self-made millionaire father died leaving behind an inadequate estate plan.  In the years that followed I didn’t realize it, but it became clear to me after conducting this research that our family was living with regrets as a result of a plan that lacked the comprehensive attention needed for a person with abundant wealth.

Independent research reveals that ninety percent of wealthy families will experience the failures my family did unless they plan for their wealth to endure from a No Regrets perspective before it is too late.

This is why we created our Wealth Without Regrets system, The Enduring Wealth Method. Our findings indicate that wealthy couples want the kind of leadership that can unlock the deeper desires of their heart and have these intents influence their planning in a comprehensive solution.

Once this happens, the regrets of wealth can be avoided and the bigger impact that is possible with their wealth can be achieved, now while they are alive to enjoy the results of all the hard work and persistence.

Soon to be released books, videos, booklets and articles: No Regrets Family Wealth, No Regrets Entrepreneur, No Regrets Success Method, No Regrets Wealth Continuation for Entrepreneurs and No Regrets Wealth Continuation for Executives.

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