Biggest Opportunities are Now!

People wrongly mistake the negativity of the masses as reality. They listen to how bad things are and affirm the whole “doom and gloom” thinking.

The self-help promoters’ say ignore this way of thinking and just be positive. Certainly positive thinking has its place and value, but not unless it results in a different way of acting that gets desired results.

I recently took a group of already successful entrepreneurs to New York city to meet a handful of ultra- successful entrepreneurs. In our meeting at the New York Stock Exchange one of the personal conversations with one of these ultra-successful entrepreneurs was most applicable to our current topic.

Al Berming, who took Pemstar to $860 million in revenue when most founders could not image a company getting to even $500 million. Al did it in ten years. During my personal one-on-one conversation with him in New York I asked him, “What do you have to say to young entrepreneurs today about the outlook for new ventures?” Without hesitation, and with great zeal he answered, “Today is the best time, if not the best time ever in the history of our country, to start, grow and expand any business. There is more opportunity available to more people in more industries than ever before.”

This is a radical shift from the thinking of the majority today and certainly what the mass media is touting as reality.

Then every once in a while the media slips and reports a story that is closer to reality like CNN did recently. What it said is that in the United States the total number of millionaires and multi-millionaires will go from 10.5 million to nearly 21 million over the next five or six years. In other words, The chances of achieving wealth are doubled starting right now!

Why are so many discouraged, doubting and in so much fear? There is a mental, emotional, spiritual and practical answer to this question. Briefly, I’ll respond to each but expand on the last.

Most people have never had the right mindset about wealth, success and achievement. There results over the last ten if not twenty years has been a simple rising with the tide of massive economic growth like the world had never know before. This is evidenced by their immediate and sustained discouragement, doubt and fear over current conditions.

Human nature is human nature where emotional difficulties and even imbalances are a reality for some people. Yet even the most imbalanced emotionally can change with the right coaching, mental training and perhaps spiritual awakening.

This leads to the importance of the role spirituality plays in the perception of reality. Some people’s belief out the purpose of life and its ultimate outcome will encourage or discourage hope in troubled times.

But now to the practical because ultimately change happens when people take action to make changes in themselves and for others.

The bottom line is this doing the right things in the right ways will get results no matter the current state of economic conditions. This isn’t just positive thinking mumbo-jumbo.

As long as there are people, there are needs. Even more significant to success in discouraged economic times is what people want. People will always have wants and they long to have those wants satisfied. And they ultimately do not care who satisfies those wants for them or the credentials they claim to have.

In the recession of the 1970’s, Fred Smith started FedEx and Bill Gates started Microsoft. What they did then is still possible today. The secret is Attraction.

Attraction requires an understanding of the wants and desires of the ideal people and group you wish to serve and delivering what they want in a way that makes sense to them. To be clear, I’m not talking about a particular produce, service or media solution. These are just tools.

I’m referring to understanding, and connecting with a target groups to whom you share an affinity. Then helping them articulate there wants and needs better than they can themselves creating an unbreakable connection. This provides the platform to do anything with them and take them anywhere with you. Ultimately, serving them and creating for you an unbreakable following that will sustain itself in any economic condition.

Opportunity is everywhere if you take your eyes of the “thing” you thing people want and focus on what they are telling you they want.

Barry Spencer is an author, speaker, coach, entrepreneur and creator of The Enduring Wealth Method. He can be reached at 678-278-9632 and

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