A few comments from the over 100,000 donors who have attended the planned giving donor presentation:

“Enlightening! Many beneficial details and no pressure.” - Dave and Tess
“Great resource for charitable giving.”  - Janice
“Thought provoking and informative.”- Bill and Joan
“A great way to receive clarity on giving and wealth management.” - Jerry and Sara
“Good presentation that made an impression.” - Chuck and Mary
“Very useful presentation.” - Eduardo
“An opportunity to understand your legacy – in communion with Christ, your parish and your family.” - Fr. Matthew
“Very good delivery, with fantastic examples to motivate people to redirect their money to what they care about.” - Juliet
“Great information I can really use.”  - Kathy
“Excellent! Worth my time.” - Kent
“Made me think about things I had not thought of before. Have since updated my will and made an estate gift.” - Helene
“Very informative.” - Alice Woodard
“Outstanding.” -  Jim
“Wonderful presentation.”  - Bre
“Energetic presentation.” - Ryan
“Simple and understandable!”  - Bill Jr.
“Appreciated this presentation. Barry is a very good presenter and beneficial to donors.” - Mary Ellen Garrett
“Great presentation.” - Byron
“Clear and helpful” - Marylin
“Great presentation!” - Jim
“Barry was an excellent presenter.” - Norma
“Very engaging and informative.” - David
“Really enjoyed it and learned a lot.”  - Patrick
“Excellent presentation! Barry gives useful information for those familiar and new to financial planning.” - Dr. Scott
“Great legacy ideas.” Henry
“Learned excellent investment tips and enjoyed the presentation.” - John, CPA
“The presentation provides valuable insights. Thank you.” - Charlene
“Very important and useful information.” - Faranak
“Appreciate the opportunity.” - Bernice
“Great learning opportunity!”  - Ethel, EdD, MSN, BSN, RN
“The best I've attended.” - C.T. "Ted"
“Excellent! A 10!” - Mark and Cindy
“Simple and understandable!” - Bill Jr.
“Good learning experience.” - Pete
“Good visual effects.” - John and JoJo
“Pleasantly surprised.” - Peggy
“Clear and concise.” - Rick
“Very enlightening.” - Paul and Millie
“A step-by-step plan.” - Susan
“Very well broken down.” - Hank
“Excellent.” - Earl and Julie
“Set us in motion.” - David and Nancy
“Exceptional depth.” - Robert
“Enlightening.” - Al
“Very understandable.” - Jean & Dave
“Very informative.” - Rosie
“Very well done.” - Robert
“Best I’ve seen.” - R.C.