Your Donors May Not Believe This…

Your Donors May Not Believe This…

The power of the planned giving message for donors is as powerful as ever.

One donor (who I’ll call Joe) heard our presentation on the power of planned giving. At first, he couldn’t believe it.

“Is it really possible? How long have I been able to do this? How come I haven’t heard about this before?” were the questions that all flashed through his mind.

He took action and added three planned giving techniques: a charitable income trust, an IRA beneficiary designation and a bequest… at the age of 81. You have to give him credit.

As a result, he avoided capital gains taxes on the sale of a significant stock holding, created a huge income tax deduction, and increased his income. He also added an income stream he couldn’t outlive.

Not only did doing all this help him sleep better at night, it alleviated his biggest concern of running out of income.

By the way, he also doubled his annual gift to his favorite nonprofit that introduced him to the concept.

This is super important right now.

Because there is a known tax law in place that has advantages for generous donors who also want to protect their money and their income.

If you have donors passionate about your mission and giving… you will help the donor and yourself and organization to introduce the idea of planned giving!

This could make all the difference in your year and for your donor.



“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
– Dr. Seuss, from The Lorax

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