More Communication, Not Less

We like what works.

We like what works now.

We like what works fast.

The instant gratification adrenaline rush often filters through our work and communication with donors.

There is a tendency to highlight the one thing or one communication piece that got a donor to reach out or make a gift.

While that one action can at times be accurate for the story line, the reality usually rests in the multiple communication efforts that brought about the desired action.

The numbers in reality flow something like this:

3% of people are ready to make a gift commitment now, and need only 3 to 7 communication touches.

7% of people will soon be ready to make a gift commitment, and need approximately 7 to 15 communication touches.

30% of people will one day be ready to make a gift commitment, and need 15 to 25 communication touches.

30% of people could one day in the future be ready to make a gift commitment, and need 25 to 50 communication touches.

While it is appealing to focus on the wins among the 3% of people, the vast majority of would-be donors are in the next layers down below the surface.

This is especially true for planned giving donors!

Systematically, cost-effectively, and repeatedly communicating with these folks in dynamic, varied, and creative ways can build a pipeline of interested, qualified, and self-selected donors that can sustain the mission for years to come.

Communicate. Keep communicating.



“Storms make trees take deeper roots.”

– Dolly Parton


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