New Donor Motivation Program National Insights

The one thing that can pay multiples in a pandemic and coming out of any challenges is to focus on learning and growth.

Learning is the information and wisdom you acquire.

And growth is what you do with it.

This past week, the Donor Motivation Program consultants from across United States and Canada gathered for our annual Leadership Summit.

We focus on making each other better at providing valuable service to charities and tracking what is going on in the planned giving space.

There are three big ideas that charity professionals need to recognize and overcome:

Number one, it is to recognize in yourself, your team, and with your donors that there is a Sense of Uncertainty filtering what we think about, discuss, and do.

This is important to recognize as you make decisions, and to know that you are NOT alone in how you feel.

Number two, we are still in the relationship business which means we are NOT in the money raising business but in the STORY-TELLING business.

So, what story are you telling donors about the effect of the pandemic on your organization and where they can be involved?

Number three, the trend that will lead many charities into the next frontier of growth and strength is the theme of, “Build Back Better.”

Many charities are waking up to the extreme importance of building a war-chest of funds for the future that can insulate them from the next downturn.

Make this time count for more than getting through. Allow it to make you better and your organization better, so you can serve your donors better too!


“Make this time count for more than simply looking back and saying you got through it. Allow this time to make you better.”
– Barry H. Spencer

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