There are some things I really miss right now… how about you?

Near the top of the list is Spring baseball.

My family loves going to the park every weekend to watch my son and his team play. There’s just nothing like it.

While he enjoys playing shortstop, second base, and outfield, his favorite position is pitcher!

His fastball is okay on speed, but usually the go-to pitch when the coach wants a strike is his curveball. At 13 years old it is nasty!

It’s about 10 mph slower than his fastball, and comes at the batter looking like a fastball until it drops by about a foot as it crosses the plate.

This is similar to how life comes at us, which is certainly true about this year.

It started like a fastball straight across the plate, then we got a massively good curveball.

The thing is, curveballs are normal parts of life.

This is good news!

Since curveballs are a normal part of life, we were hardwired with a mechanism to handle the curveballs. The mechanism is, choice.

You have the choice about your mindset, attitude, emotions, actions, and response in the midst of this. You can choose to step up to the plate every single day.

Get up to the plate and swing the bat. Come at these life challenging curveballs with a get-after-it, put-the-bat-on-the-ball mentality.

Specifically, there are ways you can lead and interact with donors right now that could make all the difference in later this year and in the years to come.

What you do right now matters.

In fact, history has shown, from previous curveball crises before, how to respond and what to do.

How you lead, interact with donors, and keep a strategic focus in the present will be discussed on our upcoming webinar.

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Commit your works to the Lord. And your plans will be established.”

– King Solomon

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