Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages

They leave you whipsawed.

The media leads in this.

Each day headlines reflect the feelings and moods of the media.

And if you are paying attention, you will be whipsawed by them.

The reality is we are in the midst of the first of three bell curves.

The first is the FACTS.

Health outbreaks follow a bell curve of increased cases, a leveling off, then a decrease.

The second curve is FEELINGS.

Even after the facts have proven themselves out, fear still has to run its course where emotions of safety and security need to catch up with the facts.

The third curve is FUNCTION.

Once the feelings wane, people will begin to function normally again. And most people will be slow to return to normal function as they wait on broad validation that everything is okay again.

While there is some overlap in these bell curves, we are in the first curve. While the facts unfold, and will continue to do so for weeks to come, the media sends mixed messages whipsawing the facts and your feelings.

In the midst you need to keep this PERSPECTIVE.

Do it for you and your donors.

They are being whipsawed by the billions or mixed media messages.

If there is ONE THING you can do right now for your donors it is to give them PERSPECTIVE.

When you call or write to your donors be sure to:

  • Ask them how they are doing.
  • Ask them what they worry about the most.
  • Ask them how you might help them.

This is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to make DEPOSITS into the donor relationship account.

Take advantage of this opportunity to CONNECT with your donors on their terms and where they are at right now.

As you do, you may be surprised by how many will ask how you are doing and how they might be able to support and give to your cause!



What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.”
– Oscar Wilde

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