Assess True Wealth

Your Wealth of Assets

Don’t miss this… opportunity.

It’s an opportunity to assess what’s most important.

Times of crisis provide the opportunity to pause and reflect. One beneficial area to reflect on are the most important and valuable “assets” we possess.

It’s easy and natural to think about wealth only through the lens of the financial (which is what you use to take care of you).

However, times like these can provide even greater clarity about what matters most. Here’s a great question that can help bring clarity, “How many things in your life are more valuable than your money?”

Try this wealth calculation.

Take out a piece of paper and create a C.R.E.F.I. Wealth Balance Sheet:

  • Core Wealth
  • Relationship Wealth
  • Experiential Wealth
  • Financial Wealth
  • Impact Wealth

Core Wealth: Your Enduring Beliefs. Your Deeply Held Core Values.

Relational Wealth: God. Family, Friends, Mentors, Colleagues and Clients.

Experiential Wealth: Your Shared Life Experiences. Life Lessons. Wisdom.

Financial Wealth: Income. Investments. Assets.

Impact Wealth: Causes You Have Helped. People You Have Touched.

This is your REAL net worth. Your real wealth.

We are rich indeed.

Make this week a GREAT WEEK!

Don’t miss the power of this.

Share this with your donors. Here’s how:

  • Jump on the phone to have the conversation.
  • Send it in an email.
  • Write it up in a letter.

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with your donors making DEPOSITS in the donor relationship account.

Do you have questions?

We’re hard at work and here to help.

Blessings to you and your family!



“I serve a God of hope and choose to live with hope.”- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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