Is There Ever A Good Time?

These are difficult days – and seem so surreal.

I was thinking: Is there ever a good time for a virus?

Never, of course.

However, we have been here before:

2002 – SARS
2008 – Bird Flu
2009 – Swine Flu
2012 – MERS
2014 – EBOLA
2016 – ZIKA
2020 – Coronavirus

Let me share why NOW is a better time than most.

After the stock market rallied to its highest point ever in February, it has fallen. The S&P 500, for example, is down from 3,386 at its record high to as low as 2,200 (changing as we speak).

How much of that fall is FEAR as people PANIC with the media barraging people into PANIC thinking?

Check this out:

31 times MORE media mentions.

It’s hard to keep a level head.

Let’s put today’s market in perspective.

Even AFTER the fall, over the last 5 years, the S&P 500 with dividends reinvested is up a total of 25.45%, which is an average return of over 4.63%.

There is no GOOD time for a global virus.

However, isn’t it better that this virus hit us after 4 years of stock market rally? Don’t we have more wealth today to deal with it?

This is the kind of perspective your donors need to have, but they most likely are NOT getting from their financial advisor.

We are here to help YOU in any way we can.



“He who confers a benefit on anyone loves him better than he is beloved.”
– Aristotle

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