You Have A Choice!

Disney World is a regular stop for our family vacations because it always delivers a first-class experience and an abundance of choices.  As a regular visitor we take great advantage of shorter lines, which first timers rarely discover until it is too late to take advantage… Disney’s “Fast Pass”.The “Fast Pass” takes you to the front of the line of your favorite attractions removing the stress of long lines and allows you to do more of what you want in the time you have at Disney.  Taking advantage of the “Fast Pass” is not really a secret, it’s a choice.When I ask people in our conversations about what matters to them most about what they hope their wealth will allow them to accomplish I ask: Are you charitably inclined?

Too often the answer is “no” and at other times the answer is “somewhat”.

The question is not whether you are charitable or not.  The reality is you are or will be charitable with your wealth.  The real question is: Do you want to be charitable voluntarily or involuntarily?

If you don’t choose to make charitable giving part of your wealth plan, Uncle Sam who is already a “member of your family”, will be sure you are – most likely to fund purposes you don’t believe in deeply.

The great news is this: You have a choice.

If you choose voluntary charity, there are enormous options available to you.  You can completely eliminate estate taxes, you can in most cases eliminate or at least reduce capital gains taxes, and you can reduce the tax bite on retirement money.

The question you need to ask yourself is: How have we chosen to utilize the benefits of voluntarily being charitable?

Find out about the latest advantages of voluntary philanthropy at our next special briefing.

Wealth is more than money. Don’t just plan for your future, live it right now.

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“We are our choices.”
–  J.P. Sartre

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