This One Thing You Must Do

Boomfish Wealth GroupMy wife and kids will tell you its been a long time since we set aside time for a family vacation… and now the time is finally here.  As you read this email I am successfully unplugged and fully present with my family talking to Mickey, Goofy and the gang!
Disney is filled with so much opportunity that if you want to see the stuff you love, have the memorable experiences you hoped for and take in the best of the moments that can slip by too fast you MUST plan ahead.  Otherwise you miss stuff… the stuff memories are made of that make the investment and the time away worth it all.
Whether at Disney, or in your personal life, or with your wealth, if you “fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
If you “fail to plan” when it comes to your wealth, you aren’t the only one who pays the price. It affects you, your family, their families, and countless others who could benefit from your planned stewardship.

Plan EARLY and revisit OFTEN.  When you do you discover more opportunities you can take advantage of that will benefit you and your family – perhaps for generations.

A few questions to assess how well you have planned ahead…

  • Will the inheritance you give fund an inflated lifestyle or provide opportunity?
  • Are you encouraging an attitude of gratitude or entitlement?
  • Does your children demonstrate a responsible and sensible lifestyle?
  • Will your children willingly report to you about what they do with dollars given to them?
  • Have you written down what you hope they will do with the money?
None of these questions come with easy answers. That’s why when it comes to your legacy, planning ahead is the only way to ensure it’s the one that YOU envision.

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“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”
–  Alan Lakein

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