Feel Your Financial Planning

If you knew that you had one day left to live, who would you enjoy your final hours with and what would you be doing with them?

What if the feelings—those emotions—around the moments that matter most to you drove your wealth planning? This is the hidden secret to getting excited about planning.

Wealth is more than money.  It’s not just about what you can do or have to do, but it’s about what you want to do. And you accomplish this when you connect your heart to your planning options.

When you start with the emotions behind having wealth, more planning strategies become available – strategies you’ll get excited about taking action on. Then you’ll experience more confidence and greater freedom.

A couple questions to consider:

What might you decide differently in your planning if you consider your relationships more carefully and deeply?

What could you do differently if you were able to use your abundant resources while you’re aliveto fulfill your deepest desires?

Don’t wait to make the investments that matter most to you. When your heart is involved in planning, it enables you to act with more confidence and assurance right now, and your heirs and the charities you care about will all benefit from it.

Don’t just plan for your future, live it right now.

Pass it on and share the insights like this that you find valuable.

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