Are You Blessed or Just Lucky?

Are You Blessed or Just Lucky?

“I’m just lucky I guess.” A statement I have heard from business owners, executives and even the philanthropically minded. But is that any kind of explanation for your success?

You’ve been moderately or maybe even greatly successful financially, but have you asked yourself how you became so successful while many around you didn’t?

Was it just your skill set? Do you just have a “gift” for making money? Or maybe you can say, “I started at exactly the right time and had favorable conditions, along with the help and encouragement of others.”  What would you say?

When given the opportunity to put more thought to it I find people coming to the realization that they feel blessed—and not just lucky.

And if you believe you are blessed then the future takes on a whole new meaning… what you can do uniquely to bless others.  

Take 60-seconds to jot down 3 ways you are blessed.

Take 60-seconds to jot down 3 ways you can uniquely bless others today.

When you are blessed with a measure of wealth your responsibility is far greater than simply making decisions about how to divide your assets… its about – at least to some degree – being a blessing others!

When the wealth you have is about SO MUCH MORE than the money, it gets exciting to envision and do something for others to be a blessing – maybe its giving of your money, time, and experience.  Don’t miss this opportunity!

Don’t just plan for your future, live it right now. 

Pass it on and share the insights like this that you find valuable.

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