Estate Planning Is Dead

In a recent article on, there was a well-meaning intention to communicate about shielding assets from estate taxes. Find the article here if you dare to be bored and confused.

This article highlights just how boring bland and unappealing estate tax planning really is.  So what if I know about the foreign language strategies this article talks about.  Does more information about what I can do cause me to want to do it?  In 9 out of 10 cases, the answer is no.

In planning what to do with your wealth, just like in planning what to do next in your business, you don’t take action without a Red Hot Why!

Tax and the fear of paying estate tax may bring you to the discussion table, but it is only a deeply seated Red Hot Why about your life and your future that will lead you to take action and make a change that matters for generations.

Here’s the tip: Rise above thinking about the tactics of estate planning and focus on the Red Hot Why of what to do with your wealth.

Click here to find out what happens when you don’t rise above the tactics of planning.

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