Why Golf Great Phil Mickelson is making changes and you should too.

No Dr. Phil, but “Lefty” is fed up with the Fed and so much so he’s ready to make drastic changes.  Even the financial magazines are picking up on the story, relating it back to other wealthy people.

Phil lives in California, the hardest hit of all states along with New Jersey when it comes to federal and state taxes.  His move, may just be a physical move of his personal residence.

While you may not live in California and a personal residence move may not be the right change to make, there are massive changes to consider when it comes to income tax reduction and estate tax elimination.  For those with a net worth under $10 million the priority is adjusting your lifestyle in consideration of the increased income, and dividend taxes so you know exactly what you’re accomplishing and where you’ll end up.

The new fiscal cliff tax law makes this an essential thing to do right now.  It is the opportunity awaiting you…don’t miss it.

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