Where to invest now?

What is to come…inflation or no inflation? How you answer that question influences your investment decisions in the short-term.

One investment I’ve read recently said inflation is certain and we’ll begin to see it this year. I will not link to his article because he is also selling his investment seminar and products that counter inflation.

Another article says the opposite at least for the next 24 months, deflation is here to stay. He digs into the fears driving investors to buy TIPS – U.S. Treasury backed investments. Read his detailed and lengthy article here.

The question of inflation or no-inflation is really pre-mature for most investors, because they do not have enough clarity about their purposes for their money.

The first strategic question is: Am I serving my money or is my money positioned – investments and psychological – to serve me?

This is a strategic question a Wealth Specialist asks their prospects and clients.

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