Permission to Innovate

Charities more than any other organization on the planet have a mandate to innovate.  They are solving the biggest needs and challenges known to our world.  They are not measured by profit to shareholders, rather, how big a difference they can make in the world.

World famous management guru Pete Drucker said, “The most important tasks of any business is to constantly innovate and market.”

The best charities in the world ask questions like:

“What else can we do that we’re not already doing to meet this need?”

“What are we missing about how to meet the needs we’re trying to address?”

“Who can we partner with to better serve this group of people?”

These and other questions like them lead to bigger and better innovation that gets compounded results.

Our present day marketing guru Seth Godin says, “non-profits have a charter to be innovators.”

Check out his brief blog on this topic on Seth Godin’s blog.

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