Did someone say dessert? (Yogurt Please!)

Retail yogurt establishments are popping up all over and making yogurt the dessert of choice in America.  All businesses ought to take notice of what is happening.

Before you conclude what you think it is about, let me be clear it isn’t about yogurt.

Freshens and TCBY have been around a long time but are being overtaken in this yogurt revolution.  In fact, these two chains have completely missed the trend. (I’m surprised they are still surviving).

Freshens and TCBY create your dessert for you the way they want you to have it, all along being protective of their cost relative to product delivery to the consumer.  They hold it and weigh it to make sure they win and I lose.

Menchie’s as leader in the self-serve yogurt revolution let’s you create your dessert just the way you want it, and let’s you decide value for yourself.  Make it as big or small with as many or as few toppings as you like. (Menchie’s is a leader because they display sample cups so you can try as many flavors as you want without fear of someone looking over your shoulder).

The revolution is tapping into the trend leading our culture that everyone is unique and in fact no one is just like me.

This recognizes that we no long see ourselves as commodities but unique individuals and want to be treated that way.  And we’ll pay a premium, if for yogurt, when we treat it as more than a commodity.

I say, let the revolution continue!  In with unique and out with commodity because we aren’t boxes, we’re unique individuals.

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