Viewing Retirement as the new frontier

The opportunities keep getting better with age. It used to be that workers longed for the gold Rolex watch as their career crowning achievement. In the early career days it was motivating giving a target to aim at. Once the Rolex was on the wrist life it left a person feeling like life is over.  What was left is years playing bridge waiting to die.

Those days are long gone with boom of the Baby Boomer generation.  There is no waiting around for anything, especially not a Rolex watch.  The future is bigger and brighter than ever and this generation is viewing “retirement” as the new frontier of opportunity.

Seth Godin, a baby boomer, talks about his generation as fifty years old being the new thirty years old.  This has huge implication for work, for life and preparing for the future.

Planning for the future is no longer simply about making sure you have enough for retirement.  When retirement isn’t really desired, planning is replaced with a picture of the future that is better than the present.  What is needed is a compass more than a map to ensure that it is a Future Without Regrets.

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