Do the Quality Thing

Do the Quality Thing

It was a great weekend!

After a date night with my wife on Friday night, the good times kept rolling on Saturday morning with a day-date with my daughter, Avery Kate.

We leisurely drove to downtown Alpharetta for a late breakfast, then a walk around the town, before landing at All Fired Up to paint pottery.

It was just me and her hanging out– me listening to my future-thinking, highly relational, and energetic daughter talk about the people in her world and the future she envisions.

I learned so much more about her, me, and what is still to come.

(I’m still very firm that she can’t date one-on-one until she’s out of college. I know this won’t last, but it’s worth a shot.)

The world around us may want to have us focus our time and attention on what we can’t control so we are glued to their media sources for advertising dollars, but this kind of quality time helps me keep perspective, stay true to what’s most important to me, and continue on with what matters.

In the midst of economic, market, and political chaos and uncertainty, it becomes even more important to get back to quality time in the activities that matter and that you can control, and to be with the people that are most important to you.

Your donors may need some reminding right now about what is important to them, and to make time for the activities and relationships that matter most to them.

A great way to do this is to go do it yourself, and share a picture and story with your donors about how you are making quality time for what matter most to you.



“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”
– Aristotle

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