Have You Ever Received One of These?

One simple action really can change a life!

A very dear friend of mine told me the heart-warming… and life-changing… story of her early days when she couldn’t afford to buy books, so she would visit the library to learn.

After a couple of weeks of her visiting the library regularly, a book “showed up” in brown paper wrapping. Like a kid on Christmas, she gingerly removed the wrapping (she had to be hush-hush in the library) only to find one of the most powerful gifts you can give: a book!

Each week brought more gifts. Gifts that changed her life. Today, she carries on the tradition… changing the lives of others.

Andrew Carnegie had a vision for free libraries, because he believed in public access to education.

You don’t have to be a Carnegie to give back education.

I give away books all the time.

One of my Personal Growth Principles is this: have mentors and coaches. Have them in your car and in your home. How? Through books, CDs, and video.

Zig Ziglar often referred to the car as automobile university.

Today, give back a special book that’s had an impact on you. Help build someone’s personal library.

Give back the gift of education; it will change someone’s life forever.

And it will change yours!



“I am dedicating the majority of my wealth to improving education.”

  • George Lucas

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